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Boating 5 Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 2
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The Boating 5 Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 2 course expands on elements of the introductory boating courses and Boating 4 Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 1 course. It demands greater accuracy in positioning and plotting exercises as well as adherence to standardized labeling. Your chart work skills will be developed to standards recognized in the maritime industry.

You will be taken out of the realm of conning and visual plotting to coastal cruising out of sight of land, navigating in tidal waters, dealing with current, standing clear of danger, and determining position by visual observation or with the use of electronic devices.

Advanced coastal navigation principles will enable you to know where you are at all times. You boat's position can be determined using landmarks and aids to navigation - allowing for current and leeway, tides and tidal currents.

Subjects covered include: