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BOATING 4 Near Shore Marine Navigation, Level 1

Beginning Tuesday Nights September 20 2022

The Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron plans to offer the Canadian Power Squadron?s (CPS) Boating 4 course, beginning September 20th this fall and extending probably to about Dec. 20th. This will be a 'blended learning' course with weekly online sessions with instructors, additional one-on-one sessions as required with tutors, and materials supplied by CPS on the Moodle online learning platform. This follows on the heels of B2&3 courses we have completed with students this past spring.

Boating 4 is the previous CPS Seamanship Course, updated and extended.

The outline of the course is very much like that of B3, which was an introduction to navigation. The topics are much more detailed than those of B3. For example, dealing with compass deviation becomes part of cruise exercises. Dealing with tides and currents is also a skill that is developed. New topics include rescue techniques, action in marine emergencies, and using bearings to determine distances, among many other things. A student will acquire a Marlinspike Certificate if he/she demonstrates sufficient skill with splicing lines and becoming familiar a significant number of useful knots. Creating and keeping records is also a new, emphasized topic.

If you would like to join us, follow the registration process on the CPS-ECP website.
Remember that the course is "Online" and hosted by "Peterborough" these are key words to locate and contact to our course.
Completion of B3 is recommended but not mandatory.

Costs of the course are $256.50 for members, and $285.00 for non-members.

September 20 2022

Location: ONLINE

Price: CPS-ECP Members - $256.50, Non-Members - $285

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Boating 2 and 3 Combined ONLINE – Beyond the Basics

February 8 2022

Location: ONLINE

Price: CPS-ECP Members - $261, Non-Members - $290

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Suggested Prerequisite
Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)

Course material is available online 24/7. This is a cohort-based format with a specific start and end date. You will take this course with a specific group of fellow students. There will be an online meeting one evening per week to answer questions that students may have. You may also have one on one meetings with a local tutor to cover topics that are difficult to teach online.

Boating 2 Beyond Boating Basics
The PCOC makes sure you have immediate navigation and safety skills but it's just the beginning of what you should know when you get on a boat. In the second of our Boating Series, you are introduced to the art of navigation, anchoring, ropes, lines and knots ? not to mention what to expect when the boat is moving under power. This course also has a number of optional topics that will be taught depending on your interests; these include towing, trailering and a check list for layup and launch.

Boating 3 Introduction to Marine Navigation
The third course in our series explores navigation further as you learn how to plot and label on paper charts as well as what the skipper should be doing before setting out and when under way, handling a boat under sail as well as your environmental responsibilities and electrical hazards. This course also has a number of optional topics that will be taught depending on your interests; these include tides and currents, canals and locks, and collision regulations

Marine Radio with DSC **PLEASE NOTE NEW DATES**

The Maritime Radio course teaches emergency radio procedures and everyday operating techniques. Learn all about the uses of marine radios, choice of frequencies, operation, phonetic alphabet, procedural words and phrases, as well as Digital Selective Calling and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, (DSC/GMDSS). All mariners, including recreational boaters, will want to take advantage of the many features and capabilities of this innovative form “automatic” radio. Secure your lifeline. Be sure that you and your family take the Maritime Radio course. This complete package with CD, and the new Digital Selective Calling, will prepare you for the Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) with DSC Endorsement exam. To operate a maritime radio, you need the certificate. It's the law!

This is a ONLINE self study course with a written exam and arranged oral testing.

Dates: Online as required -ongoing after October 25 2021

Location ONLINE

Cost $100

Register: find the course and click on Register

To enquire about any courses please contact Doug Hagan, our Educational Officer, for more information