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End of Season Potluck, November 8, 2014

Peterborough Squadron was the very first squadron in Canada to have access to CPS-ECP’s new Boating Skills Virtual Trainer, a simulator that lets you try your hand at various scenarios on the water. The simulator was purchased from United States Power and Sail Squadrons with funding providing by The CPS-ECP Foundation. The Virtual Trainer was available at our End of Season Potluck for everyone to give it a try.

Premier Interactive Boating Safety System

The Boating Skills Virtual Trainer™ embodies a realistic boating experience using sophisticated water physics software developed by Virtual Driver Interactive with course content and direction provided by the US Power Squadrons.

The use of a simulator provides an exciting experience that compliments on-water training commensurate to future on-the-water programs requiring the same level of competency. Simulation allows students to navigate on-the-water scenarios where they contemplate and make decisions using critical thinking.

To Be More Realistic You Would Have to Get Splashed

The BSVT boasts high-end technology featuring three HD monitors with an expansive field of vision, a steering wheel and an actual Mercury Marine throttle. Your boat reacts to variable settings for trim, current and wind in day or night scenes – changeable “on the fly.” Even subtle maneuvers are possible thanks to extremely robust water physics.

All lessons occur on the same lake, but in different areas which are set up for each lesson. The lake is approximately 3.5 miles wide x 4 miles long, including the virtual marina.

Lesson Scenes:

    Departing the Dock
    Working with Spring Lines
    Pivot Turns
    Emergency Stop
    Variable winds, strong currents with day & night scenarios

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