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Peterborough Power and Sail Squadrons is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2019!

Safe Boating Instruction in the Kawarthas Since 1959

ImportantFor those of you who havenít heard the good news, Peterborough Squadron received national recognition as Squadron of the Year Award! Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron was named the 2018 Squadron of the Year award at the national conference and annual general meeting of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons in Ottawa on Saturday (October 20). Since 1959, the local unit of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons has trained thousands of recreational boaters in safe practices and knowledge of area waterways. This is the first time the award has been given and, in true form, Peterborough leads the way once more. A big thanks must be given to Gina Lee and Nick Cliteur for submitting our entry. Good job! Our Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron was selected for this award for many reasons. We have shown leadership in RVCC and Flare Returns. Our social engagement in the community is at one of the highest levels in the organisation. As many of you know we are active on Facebook Twitter Instagram Pincrest LinkedIn and Google. Our excellent ad campaigns partnered through KawarthaNow and Kawartha Cottage magazine, and our exposure on local radio are considered very forward thinking as well. Most of all, this award represents the hundreds hours volunteered by your Peterborough Bridge. Their commitment to safe boating and education has never been stronger. National CPS-ECP has recognised us for the hard work we commit every day to keeping our ship afloat and moving in the right direction. As a result, a flash drive with new logo and a monetary contribution were presented to our squadron to use as we see fit. You will see this logo used on our website, newsletter, social activities, print ads, teaching materials and in all our communications throughout this year. Congratulations Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron!

, Important"What Plan? Your Plan... " Did you know that CPS-ECP has a 5-year Strategic Plan to ensure we maintain and improve on our vision, mission, and goals? We are two years into the plan and much work has taken place, but little communication to our members. Here you can read the full Strategic Plan through a Powerpoint presentation developed to help interpret it PowerPoint, and read the speaking notes Notes 2020 to help understand it. Please watch for ongoing Strategic Plan updates coming in upcoming online editions of Canadian Yachting CPS-ECP OnBoard and LíEscale. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron or the Priority Leaders as follows:
Education Dept
Membership Dept

ImportantRead our latest newsletter Nautical Notes October 2018

ImportantCheck out our photos from our winter activities

Important2.7 million Canadian fire extinguishers are being recalled for being defective. Be sure to check the fire extinguishers on your boat(s) and elsewhere to see if they are safe or need to be returned. Further information at the Peterborough Examiner and on CBC Business News (this link includes photos).

CPS-ECP RegaliaImportantCPS-ECP and Peterborough Burgee logowear is now available through the URStore!
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ImportantDowload and print our new brochure and the pass the word by giving it to friends or family who might be interested in our programs!

New Benefits for CPS-ECP Members from Cowan Insurance and Fugawi

Did you know about the CPS-ECP YouTube resource? Visit and view videos that will give you all kinds of boating tips and information on topics such as winterizing your boat, towing a boat, distress signalling, navigation, life jacket safety, docking and more. Explore the Videos

There are Changes in Applying for a Pleasure Craft License announced by Transport Canada. You now have two options to help you request your free Pleasure Craft License: electronically (new) or by post. Full Details

Do you realize you can saving money on your boat insurance every year? This can be done by taking our boating course and presenting your CPS-ECP Boating Certificate to your local insurance agent. Go to our national website for this and other great ongoing membership benifits.

Donít get caught without your Pleasure Craft Operator Card and having to pay the $250.00 fine. Get your card from CPS-ECP in the classroom or online. The CPS-ECP PCOC course is approved by Transport Canada and is the only card in Canada approved by the National Association of State Boating Administrators (NASBLA) and recognized by the United States Coast Guard.

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We offer a full range of other courses to help you become a better and safer boater, and to better enjoy your boating experience. To enquire or to register for courses online submit your request or contact Jim Lee at 705.652.1206 or by .

RVCC - Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check - Have you ever wondered whether or not your boat is properly equipped? When you see the marine detachment approaching do you get a sinking feeling (no pun intended) in the pit of your stomach? Even the most experienced boaters have some difficulty keeping up with the requirements outlined by Transport Canada. Well we have the solution for you! More Information

Important We always need to update our Membership Information. Please help us out if you have moved, purchased a new boat, sold your current boat, or changed your email address. You can change your information using our online form, downloading our printable form to mail or send as an email attachment, or by contacting our .

If you are interested in more information on membership in CPS-ECP visit the CPS-ECP National Website.

News Alert: Flare Disposal: Boaters can now dispose of old marine flares by taking them to:
OPP Constable Syvret
453 Lansdowne Street East
(705) 742-0401
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
You can also take them to this location during other hours and the officer at the front desk will take them and keep them for Constable Syvret.