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Safe Boating Instruction in the Kawarthas Since 1959

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Here you will find important links and documents to assist you on your future boaters journey.
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Here are some a pages of useful links

Boating tips

Boating Techniques

Mandatory Safety Equipment (PDF) - Transport Canada's guide to required equipment based on type and size of boat.

Read the list here Safety Equipment Needed

Mandatory Safety Equipment - Notes (word) - A little more detail on the required equipment

Read about them here Detailed Class Notes

Rules of the Road - Some basic rules to remember when on the water to help you to be a safe and considerate boater

Read about them hereRules

Strip Chart with Buoys, etc. - This is a sample of a strip chart which shows Porthand Buoys, Starboardhand Buoys, etc.

NOTES: The arrow circled in blue is an Upstream Marker and shows you which direction is Upstream. The red triangle circled in yellow is a Starboardhard Daybeacon; it's on land, probably on a rock, and means you need to keep it to the right side of your boat as you're passing upstream. The item circled in pink is an example of a Maximum Speed marker.